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What data we collect and store

The FaceLink app connects to Unreal Engine via WiFi. In Unreal Engine, using a Live Link node in an animation blueprint, you can take the incoming facial animation data from the Face Link app and plot it to your 3D character’s animatable facial expressions.

How We Use the Information

The camera images and depth data are used only for determining the position of the facial features. Camera access is required to acquire depth data from Apple's API.

Matte Black Mocap Inc. will not store or retain any data captured by the TrueDepth camera on our servers, or use customer face data for any other purpose other than the app’s core functionality. How the data is used in Unreal Engine is decided by the end user. This app is intended to be used only as a bridge between the iPhone and an Unreal Engine project stored on the user’s computer.

Changes To This Privacy Policy

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